About us

We are the polish company offers wide range of service including tests and support for companies of cosmetic, and chemical industry, included household products, animal care products and micropigmentation dyes used in tattoo and permanent makeup. We have extensive experience in providing opinions on products.

We provide high quality and professionalism of our services. In our offer you can find comprehensive support for producers and distributors in the field of research: as well as documentation allowing the product to be placed on the market:

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We will

  • offer professional support and consulting in law requirements for manufacturers, importers and distributors.
  • conduct tests for cosmetics products, detergents and medical devices based on on the highest standards and the latest guidelines
  • offer support during implementation product on the market of Poland and European UnionIn the interest of high quality of services provided, the offer is created individually to the customer's needs.

Become our tester

We invite you to watch cosmetic products in research. Participation in the tests is safe and the tests are under the supervision of a dermatologist. To start cooperation, you must submit an e-mail or telephone application and complete the questionnaire at our company.